Slight simplification of the Start View

Version 3.14.0 has brought slight changes to the start view.

The idea was to remove some buttons and make it easier to operate the most common task.
So from now on, simply tap the numbers to start the count down. If the count down is running, tap the numbers to sync to nearest minute. These are the most important tasks with the count down, the numbers are like a bigger button.

3.08.0 News

A couple of new features have been added to iRegatta again.

The BWC sentence has been added. So if you receive BWC sentences, iRegatta can use that as navigation target. In case you want to disable that feature, there is a new setting to ignore BWC sentences.

Pursuite start in iRegatta 3.07.0

Some handicap races use a pursuite-type start, where you are starting at a pre-specified time. iRegatta now has this feature added to the Start View.
Tap the timer button in the lower right corner, and you'll see a view where you can set at what time your start is. If you tap "Save", iRegatta will start counting down to that time.
You can leave iRegatta and come back, and it'll still be counting, but do NOT touch the "Pause" or "Sync" buttons, that would invalidate your start time.

3.07.0 is aailable for Android, while the iOS version is awaiting Apple approval.

3.06.0 Race course waypoints made easier

In the upcoming version 3.06.0 of iRegatta, it's been made easier to prepare a race course with waypoints and update it while you go around the course.

When creating a route, you now have 4 new waypoints you can put in your route: Buoy 1, Buoy 2, Buoy 3 and Starting vessel.
So before the race, you prepare a route with the course you are going to race (ex. Buoy 1, Buoy 2, Buoy 3, Buoy 1, Buoy 3, Starting vessel - This would be a "triangle-sausage" type of cause.

iRegatta 3.05.0 works with iPolar

KND-SailingPerformance ( has developed an app to predict polars for Crusing Yachts.

iRegatta will be able to import these polars directly from the iPolar App, starting from version 3.05.0 of iRegatta. The update has been submitted to Apple for approval, so it should be available within 2 weeks.

(iPolar is an "iOS only" app, so this feature will of cause only be available in the iOS version of iRegatta).

Version 3.03.0

3.03.0 is released on Android and in the approval process at Apple.

A couple of new features are included:

1. While counting down to the start, a polar is projected on top of the boat position, showing how far you can sail in any direction according to your polar. this should help you estimate if you can reach the other end of the line before the gun.

2. If tracking with "Extended logging", Performance percentage is added to the file.