iRegatta 2.85 for iOS - exciting new features

A new version is on it's way, and it has some great new features.

A new "Trim" button in the Statistics View, let's you trim/uptimize your polars.
In the sample below only a few values have been typed in for the one side of the polar. A tap on the Trim button an values have been mirrored and interpolated - also interpolated across windspeeds. This will make it a lot easier to get a valid polar.

It's now possible to save temporare waypoints

iRegatta 2.70 for iOS submitted

iRegatta for iOS has an In-App-Purchase where you can import and export polars.

A new release has been submitted to Apples App Store, and with a little luck this should be available around christmas.

In this new release you can also import and export waypoints in the GPX file format from the In-App-Purchase. This feature is located in the lower left corner of the statistics view (when version 2.70 is released).