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    Looking for Beta testers for iRegatta 2

    Update: the beta program is full, no more beta testers needed.

    iRegatta Second Generation is about to be ready, and I'm looking for users willing to beta test and report back bugs or shortcomings.

    I'll pick the first 10 who sign up.

    -iRegatta 2 only runs on iPads and require iOS 9.3 or newer.
    -Preferable you get NMEA data over WiFi and/or use a Bluetooth anemometer.

    Sign up:
    Please send a mail to info(a)zifigo.com if you are interested in becoming a beta tester.

    iRegatta supports Ultrasonic from Calypso Marine Instruments

    From version 4.33.0, iRegatta supports the wireless ultrasonic anemometer from Calypso Marine Instruments. (https://calypsoinstruments.com/shop)

    This little brilliant device is a lot more than just an anemometer. Besides wind speed and direction, it also works as an electronic compass and delivers pitch and roll angles as well.
    It's solar powered, has no moveable parts and is IPX8 rated, which makes it perfect for small boats and dinghies as well as bigger boats.

    Good news for Android users

    iRegatta for Android has been updated for use with Android Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat and support will continue in the future.

    Zifigo has partnered with "Madman Marine", to continue development and support for iRegatta on the Android platform.
    Zifigo will continue to develop and support the iOS version, while Madman Marine will do the same for the Android version.
    For support of the Android version, your new contact will be: support@madmanmarine.com

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